Something like PDF/A, but for HTML, would be cool. (PDF/A is archival PDF, documents which must be properly readable decades from now, so they have to be well defined and include all resources in the file.) HTML/A would at least require all images and fonts to be embedded (if supporting custom fonts at all), the JS, if accepting that at all (probably not), would have to be some outdated subset of the current stuff, and again, everything would have to be embedded. Probably easier with XHTML.

What do Matrix, 1984, The Lego Movie, and We have in common? The idea a male protagonist can only be stirred to action against an oppressive world order with the promise of pu... the companionship of an attractive woman.

Steinar fremhevde

Tek Fog in Action: Targeting Women Journalists, Pushing Communal Narrative on COVID, Delhi Violence

"TekFog" is a platform used for automated targeting journalists, activists, etc., in order to silence them, and then... take over their accounts to use them to spread right-wing propaganda.

It's automated, targeted cyber-bullying.

This is a third piece in this investigative series. And it is damn chilling. Go, have a read.


Steinar fremhevde
Steinar fremhevde

"In a groundbreaking decision, the Austrian Data Protection Authority ("Datenschutzbehörde" or "DSB") has decided on a model case by noyb that the continuous use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR."

"This is a very detailed and sound decision. The bottom line is: Companies can't use US cloud services in Europe anymore."


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Wir engagieren uns in einer Gruppe die die #Barrierefreiheit der Dienste der Stadt #Bonn verbessern möchte.

Gibt es eine Stadt die dies vorbildlich macht und wovon wir lernen könnten?

(Gerne boosten für Reichweite.)

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It's funny how things go full circle. So I now sometimes read FOSS people making exactly the same argument as Bill Gates in 1976. Essentially, “what software professional can afford to work for free?” (as in beer). They've got N kids to feed.

It indicates that this is really a philosophical or structural bind that's somewhat timeless at least under capitalism. The need for monetization tends towards enclosure of value production and dominance of a small group.

The idea of a global commons seems if not deprecated then maybe shuffled to the back of the room, behind the elephants.

Steinar fremhevde

The direction I feel Python is going makes me sad. I started programming Python back when people laughed at the language, and now it seems enough people who want Python to become Java submit and implement PEPs. I guess it's the usual when your subculture hits the mainstream. Ah, well, I still have Forth. I think that's pretty immune to the problem of becoming picked up by Microsoft. :D

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*ID* –> “Whirlpool”
It's a kind of situation that sucks ! haha... ha-hem... :)
this is for

Have a great week Mastodon !

- #mastoart #art #illustration #illustrationday -
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Corporations are private fiefdoms that should not have power over our social lives.

To keep an online community free and inclusive, while also excluding hateful and dangerous behaviour, is a thorny problem with no perfect solution.

One thing is clear: Proprietary platforms make it all so much worse. They lock users in with #SwitchingCosts. Tabletop Simulator users who find it unsafe can't simply bring their games nor their community with them when they leave.

Hot take: Firefox should be discontinued to increase the chance of Google Chrome being legally treated as a monopoly product, without the fig leaf of Firefox' less than 4% market share.

... tooted using Firefox.

I Møllergata i Oslo ligg bryggeriet Beer Flag. Dei brygger mellom anna ein fornydeleg bitter, Ol' Grumpy Dan. Aner nokon om noko av ølet deira er finne nokon stad nordafjells? Kniven Bar er liksom ikkje nærpøbben min, coronastengt eller ikkje.

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I denne kronikken var det mykje godt. Eg veit ikkje noko om skribenten, men han har fleire poeng.

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Braille, aggressive ableism 

@ljwrites The head of Paris's Institute for the Blind (a sighted person of course) actually burned all the braille books in their library at one point! And all the tools for writing braille.

Learning about how educating blind people was SUCH a threat to sighted people, I feel a renewed responsibility to be a total nightmare to sighted people now. :D

Steinar fremhevde
Steinar fremhevde

"...In the 1950s.... the American Can Company, Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Coca-Cola, and the Dixie Cup company got together to design a solution to the growing pressure to regulate disposable packaging. They knew the issue of litter would not go away and was increasingly unpopular with the public, but disposable packaging was incredibly profitable. They needed a way to avoid regulation that might limit the use of disposables, and their solution was cunning.

They founded a nonprofit called Keep America Beautiful and poured significant amounts of money into environmental awareness campaigns. This helped them look good, but the real genius was in the message behind the campaigns - that litter on the streets had nothing to do with the producers, but was the fault of the person who dropped it - the litterbug. Keep America Beautiful managed to shift the entire debate around Americas garbage and litter problems away from the industry and on to consumers, and the strategy has been copied to time and time again since."

-- "Sustainable Web Design"

Sound familiar?

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Steinar fremhevde
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