Firefox may have lost up to 12% of its users in 2021. We're once again in danger of a single browser dominating the web as in the days of IE. What's worse is that Chrome is owned by a glorified advertisement company.

The Internet is just too important for Google to become the de facto gatekeeper.

And the fact that Chrome is open source really doesn't matter here. Google has tight control over the project. Maintaining a fork would require a herculean effort.

@yogthos Best part is mozilla is a pretty large driving force of this


@Amber @yogthos I think the article puts it pretty well: “However, Mozilla’s situation is concerning because there doesn’t seem to be any core change in its policy toward any of these challenges. Its heavy investment in politics, social movements and other side issues is not paired with the same investment in making the browser better for its users day by day.” As a user, it simply feels like Mozilla is more interested in pushing online services through the browser than making a better browser.

@Steinar @Amber @yogthos And yet they killed Firefox Send, their online service that I actually used.

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