When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff

I miss him.

I would say I should go back to learning Ruby, but I think the spirit of his philosophy can be found in other languages, such as Rebol, Factor, Racket, [every smalltalk variant], Newspeak, and of course, tal.

That said, I should learn Ruby again. It is the only Python I enjoy.

@CosmicTortoise I ended up thinking about him after flipping through Thinking Forth, I don't know many examples of things that are visually inclined to teach programmatic things.

@neauoire I put Thinking Forth off until I finish Starting Forth, but I am starting to realize it was an unnecessary requisite.

The language is easy, it's the planning ahead that is hard.

I will be reading it next.

@CosmicTortoise starting forth is better in my opinion, but I just like that someone was both a programmer and artist and took it upon himself to bring people into that world.

@neauoire Perhaps if I actually read these books I would be an adequate programmer by now.

@CosmicTortoise haha, I think that comes with actually programming, but I haven't found how to be adequate either so..

Still, I can do a lot better than be a shitty librarian. Won't bore you with the rest of it.


@CosmicTortoise @neauoire Well, now you guys made me redownload Thinking Forth and reread parts of it. :)

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