'Preserving Worlds is a documentary series about aging virtual worlds'

Porn as intentional (or accidental) propaganda?

A trio of young Vietnamese women are doing porn on Chaturbate. In the location description it says "Ho Chi Minh", which is the name of the revolutionary thinker central to the Vietnamese communist movement. For anyone interested in where that is, they'll instead be lead to a wikipedia page about a communist thinker.

Though they could be referring to Saigon, which apparently was renamed to Ho Chi Minh City in the theorist's honor.

I recently got fiber installed. Here is a before and after! Made all the difference.

Facebook just censored the ability for over 150 000 people to connect and talk with each other: theguardian.com/technology/202

"The [take down] notification, seen by Reuters, said without detail that the group violated policies on 'adult sexual exploitation'" what kind of bullshit is that. Isn't it rather obvious that some big guy got his wallet hurt and now he's using buddies at Facebook to protect himself or take revenge?

In my plenary speech in the European Parliament this week, I reflected on the suspension of Donald Trump's accounts by social networks. I condemn his statements; however, it is really dangerous if companies decide what is appropriate. What is illegal should be decided by courts.

This is what happens when the right-wingers don't believe in freedom, but opt for persecution. Next will we see LGBT ppl having to wear a rainbow color badge on their clothes so that anyone can make them out in public?

Try and guess what I'm references there...


This Yale university professor is so unreasonable and so often wrong that I really want to shake him and yell to his face about how wrong he is. It's terrible that there's no opportunity to comment on a video seen by over 55K people: youtube.com/watch?v=P_0r5M_C5V

Ongoing discussions regarding Digital Services Act cannot accept thinking out-of-box. Our whole society is trapped in discussions about how to regulate the big, centralized platforms, rather than give the opportunity to expand for decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

I wish I could serialize delegates with anonymous methods in C#... *sighs*

Why can't we serialize instructional code? I mean, shouldn't it be possible to just make the instructional code into a byte array and serialize the byte array? Why isn't that possible?

Om du har lyst til å lære om Pfizer vaksina som er for å bekjempe Covid-19 så anbefaler eg denna videoen.


Myles Powers er ein Youtuber eg har stor tillit til og som kjemiker klarer å forklare korleis vaksina fungerar på eit kjemisk nivå slik at nokon som eg forstår det.

Men Pfizer vaksina er også veldig kul 😎

Was highly skeptical of the "Devs" TV series. But shouldn't have been. That ended up being a really great show! Totally recommend.

Are real estate markets actually just forms of spontaneous unconscious cartels?

As land, with few exceptions, can't be produced more of. The function of real estate markets seems to be to squeeze value out of those who don't have real estate. Like the younger generation, in favour of the well-established older generation that'd rather keep a house out on the market for 3 or 6 more months, rather than selling it at the price of the moment.

From their User Guide: "If $10/month is not affordable for you but you'd still like to become a subscriber, we offer monthly subscriptions on a sliding scale. Send us an email and let us know what is affordable for you each month (including $0), and we'll get you set up. contact@means.media."

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"Means TV is the home for post-capitalist entertainment. Worker-owned. People-funded."


Alternative title "Opera Software worker talks about hacking the Norwegian election and that your aunt doesn't know what a web browser is."

Funny enough, last time I talked to one of my aunts this year about browsers, she didn't know what it was. Even though she uses it quite often.


The problem of course is that this is also an example of rule-by-algorithms. Just not necessarily computer algorithms. And with it, we must be cautious to allow for human intervention by both politicians and normal people so as to avoid a dictatorship-by-algorithms, which is basically a form of techno-theocracy.

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