From their User Guide: "If $10/month is not affordable for you but you'd still like to become a subscriber, we offer monthly subscriptions on a sliding scale. Send us an email and let us know what is affordable for you each month (including $0), and we'll get you set up."

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"Means TV is the home for post-capitalist entertainment. Worker-owned. People-funded."

Alternative title "Opera Software worker talks about hacking the Norwegian election and that your aunt doesn't know what a web browser is."

Funny enough, last time I talked to one of my aunts this year about browsers, she didn't know what it was. Even though she uses it quite often.

The problem of course is that this is also an example of rule-by-algorithms. Just not necessarily computer algorithms. And with it, we must be cautious to allow for human intervention by both politicians and normal people so as to avoid a dictatorship-by-algorithms, which is basically a form of techno-theocracy.

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Examples of areas where cybernetic politics can be useful: minimum wage regulation (automatic consumer price index adjustment is a simple example of this), housing market regulation, school teacher density regulation, and so forth.

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If this term doesn't already exist, I'd like to coin it: Cybernetic Politics.

It's not politics about computers, before you start mixing in sci-fi jargon here. It's political policies and -regulations with built-in feedback mechanisms that creates a self-regulating system, which is useful in situations where decision-making can't keep up with changes in society, but the principles for decision-making are already widely agreed upon.



BREAKING: MIT cybersecurity experts warn Big Tech that blockchain voting isn't even close to ready for future elections.

Paper led by Ron Rivest, the "R" in "RSA":


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DAVE CHAPPELLE: Y'all remember life before covid? mass shooting every week. that stopped when we locked all the murderous whites up

3) and we relish visiting and walking across mountains any time of the year (and especially when it's cold, basically we are the only nation on this planet that looks forward to the cold).

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2) we like to dig through mountains (tunnels, military storage facilities, the large and stunning Olympic Cavern Hall in my hometown),

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1) We are rich, but prefer to save our riches (The Global Seed Bank on Svalbard is just fullfilment of our dwarven nature, and the Oil Fund worth like 1 trillion euro is our vast chamber of riches),

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If you think about it, Norwegians are the closest thing on this Earth, culturally speaking, to Tolkien-like dwarves. We are the dwarves of the Earth.

Ever stopped to consider, that the pleasure we have at the end of sex, can be just as intense as the pleasure we have when peeing after sex?

Makes you think, right?

It's almost as if we're just having sex so that we can have one jolly good wee of a time.

And that he'll minimize all military involvements to merely 1) defend people in case we have another genocide flaring up, 2) support missions for governments that formally request aid (and where these support missions drastically reduce collateral damage against currently tolerated levels).

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For the sake of the rest of the world, and that sake of Americans: I just hope Biden won't start any new conflicts in the world, that he'll end the pointless conflicts with Cuba and Venezuela which is just hurting ordinary people while the authoritarian leaders are gaining more power, that he'll end the trade war which is basically against the entire world and not just China.

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Yes, won (as I predicted). And hopefully, we won't see much more of . But please be reminded that Biden was only the lesser evil. We're still dealing with shits for an American president. If you don't think so, you either don't know Biden, or have severely lessened your standards after 4 years with Trump.

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