I woke up today.

Started playing HoI4.

I finished playing right now. It's night again, time for bed soon.

😂 that game is so addictive

Wrote a text which, in somewhat poetic and creative terms, calls for the rediscovery of a potent natural philosophy. First draft below for the interested. It's roughly 2500 words long:


Thinking about maybe writing an essay on the Fediverse / Decentralized media and communication, and Deleuze/Guattari's rhizomatic philosophy. Got inspired today by a text written about the rhizomatic structure of the web, and where the author saw internet as having become more of "channels" of media sharing/communication due to the centralization of services. A point which the author indicated would make the internet less like a rhizome (which is the ideal aspired to by Deleuze/Guattari).

No Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact for these Nazis! 😎 Only a hammer to the face, as they and their allies try to fight both the Soviets, Polish, French, Benelux and English simultaneously.

The attrition will be glorious!

Vis tråden

Really want to play Hearts of Iron 4. But can't before I'm back home on sunday/monday.

The spearhead strategic manouver, which I recently acquired, makes playing much more fun. Finally having superior and more mobile units is actually rewarding.

I wanna play as the Soviets and declare war on Germany the day after they declare war on Poland. With a huge fleet of light aircraft for air superiority, and an elite army with anti-tank guns ready to occupy East Prussia and hold it.

Have you ever heard of the newest of vitamins - the chokomins?

I have decided that since I obviously need chocolate, chocolate must be a vitamin.

The Chokomin ❤️

PlasticPills argues, on behalf of Adorno/Horkheimer, that people who work all day have no energy left to be mentally challenged. Instead, they're prone to passive consumption, in which they are being fed low-effort solutions on what to think, what to do, etc.

Also, a quote from the video: "advertising employs the sentiments of social justice, so that we can feel like consuming products IS PARTICIPATING in those causes"


why isn't "adventurer" a valid career path

A rather funny explanation of how history isn't just a perfect world of hetero-conservative fantasy.


norway: electric cars 😍
also norway: offshore oil drilling 😍

Loki episode 4 was so awesome. Loki series in general is so awesome, gives me a little bit of faith that there is any quality of storytelling to expect from Marvel.

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