Hoarding social capital makes you a capitalist. You cannot be a socialist whilst also having a wealth of social capital.

If you disagree, you're a capitalist.

@namtari Is social capital something you can "hoard"? At least in a manner similar to how one can hoard real estate or a water source by damming a river?

Just because person A and person B are friends, doesn't mean that person B and person C can't be friends. Though it does take away some attention, but mere attention isn't usually counted as social capital (is it?). Although perhaps it should be (i.e. TV celebrities, YouTubers etc.)

@amici think more as in the scenario of the bully that somehow everyone still looked up to, or that band member that can do everything they want to their fans because of their social capital.

@namtari Ah, yeah, that's an interesting scenario. Though I'm not sure if it'd count as "hoarding", since it seems difficult to discern what would be the mechanisms by which the hoarding occurred. Although, I suppose, one could view the non-inclusion of the socially weak in terms of their opinions, feelings, invitations to relevant group activities, etc., as a form of hoarding in the sense that one restricts the sense in which anyone but the few, or just oneself, can have a sense of importance

@amici >non-inclusion of the socially weak

exactly that, although I'd prefer disadvantaged lol


@namtari As a person who sort-of view myself as socially weak (a bit autistic), I can't say I care what one calls it. It sucks either way 😅 but I've been lucky to have some supportive ppl in my life, and was even the involuntary recipient of social privilege when I was young: my parents were foster parents to many children, and during some few weekends every year, they'd make the foster children sleep outside of the main house (in secondary building), for "core family time". It was very awkward

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