Can't reach either Twitter, Facebook nor Google. All the giant centralized services have gone dark for me. Had to use DuckDuckGo for search.

Is it just me, or is something big going on again?

Only "vg.no" loads. Meanwhile, the tabs for FB, Twitter and YT all fail. This is incognito, so no previous site caching in the background.

However, DownInspector.com reports that they are able to reach the websites, whatever that means. But "a large amount of people have reported issues in the last hour".

Should I jump to conclusions here, I'd say there might be a geographically relevant issue of some kind.

But then the sites are back again! Who knows what that was about.

Whatever it was, it was brief though.

@amici hvilken ISP har du? Forsøkte du å kjøre tracepath for å se hvor det stoppet?

@fyksen sjekket ikke noe annet enn nettlesere, leverandøren er Get tror jeg, har internett inkl. på studenthybel

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