@greyor I second "comprehensible input". In Norway, the traditional third language has been German, which surprisingly often has been taught with forms and tables instead of just starting to speak (there are exceptions, of course). Nowadays, many secondary school students choose Spanish instead. Latin and Greek are almost exclusively taught on university level, which is counterintuitive to me. I had French and German, but never the common denominator: Latin.

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@aujawindar for sure. It's a new idea to me (and many) for Latin/Greek but is welcome. I love charts and all, but I guess I'm within 5% or so who do. I took Spanish in high school and really liked it, and I get to use it at my work so that's great.

Yeah, in the US we're seeing Latin & Greek taught at secondary (or even primary, for Latin at least) more and more. I wish I'd been able to take French and German too, but I only possess some reading knowledge of them.

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