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Chris Were does videos and podcasts about technology, free open source software, gaming, Linux and all kinds of other stuff. You can follow at:

➡️ @chriswere@share.tube

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at share.tube/a/chriswere/videos

(You can also follow his non-video posts at @ChrisWere@linuxrocks.online and @ChrisWere@toot.wales)

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Tired of your house being available for anyone online to see? @prawnay shares how you can hide your house on Street View, Look Around, and StreetSide:

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

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Ser NRK er godt i gang med "Støre minutt før minutt"!

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Wow there are quite a few desktop clients for Matrix.
Can anyone recommend a good one, and why they use it please?

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Dette er en god oppsumering av skyggesidene ved algoritme- og reklamedrevne sosiale medier: ledger.humanetech.com

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September Update Time!

- #DevZone rolling out & introducing bounties

- @talkpine returns soon!

- #PinePhone keyboard production, hurdles & add-on cases

-#PineNote impressions & software progress

- #PineTime InfiniTime 1.4 & more

- #PineDio Stack dev report

And much more!


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There's a place in San Francisco called Envelop where you buy a ticket to sit in a mostly dark room with only a handful of people, listening to an album start to finish on a finely calibrated audio system. Cell phones aren't allowed and you're asked to not talk or disrupt.

It's such a unique way to enjoy full albums where you dedicated time to do nothing but that. Last night I went to listen to BT's "This Binary Universe". I think I'll prioritize going more often.


Då har @cinnyapp fått ny oppdatering og vi har endelegt eit verdigt discord alternativ som funker slik discord funker med "servere".

Eg trur og håpar Cinny kan vere starten på slutten av Discord før Microsoft eventuelt kjøper opp Discord.

Dykk kan starte å bruke cinny med dykkers eksisterende matrix brukare her: cinny.in/

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English is the JavaScript of spoken languages.

Just think about it:

- it's extremely wide-spread for historical reasons;

- it is a somewhat random mash-up of at least three other languages;

- as much as all languages have their idiosyncrasies , it tends to have the more confusing ones.


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Christoffer :noreg: fremhevde

Holy Sh** #Microsoft has installed the simplest backdoor in your #Linux VMs without you knowing about it.

Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs without an auto update mechanism, so you have to update manually but you don't know they exist because you didn't install them? 🤔

Simply remove the auth header and you are root. Remotely on all machines.🤯


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Kva vil stortingsvalet ha å seie for Norsk spelindustri? Pressfire laga for ei stund sidan ein fin artikkel om kva dei ulike partia vil lova spelindustrien: pressfire.no/artikkel/valget-2

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My December break project was to finally sit down and work on the Libre Arts website for my friend @prokoudine.

We soft-launched on Jan 1 and he's now ready to announce the site is open and ready for all! Come check out the amazing work he's doing reporting and covering the world of Free/Libre Arts!


#FreeSoftware #FOSS #LibreArts #news

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