Hey @switchingsocial,
Why removing Fedilab from switching.social/?

It was previously listed as an app in the Mastodon page, also for Peertube and Friendica.

@fedilab @switchingsocial Hey, fedilab, would it be possible to publish the DMs once you are done with the discussion?

@Mikoto @switchingsocial
No, otherwise I would not have accepted to discuss it privately :)

I understand this decision to don't share your DM's.
Still, I don't like this lack of transparency for something which is promoting Open source like switching social. That's a little bit disturbing.
@Mikoto @switchingsocial

@booteille @fedilab @Mikoto @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

In no way disturbing to have private conversations instead of breaking out in social media drama.

That is what is called being professional @booteille

@christoffer @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial If being professional means being against transparency then I don't want to be professional.

@Mikoto @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

Do you believe that induviduals, organizations, representatives and governments should be transparent with all information even though it can compromise an induvidual? @Mikoto 🤔

It's question of balance. Everything is not black or white. You have a lot of different grays.
Switching social used to promote a software and they stopped to do this without any statement. Wanted to know why suddenly a software is not considered as recommended is important in this situation, imo. Because I want to know how I can trust the judgment of switching social.
@Mikoto @fedilab @switchingsocial

@booteille @Mikoto @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

@booteille switching.social can do that in a official statement, not through a private discussion where they figure things out 😜

Unless you litterally can't wait until then

I never said I wouldn't prefer an official statement or couldn't wait until then. They never said they would do a statement through.
But I was just sharing my feeling. I don't think it was worth that many toots. I think you understood my point (you can not agree with) and I understood yours. No need for more toots.
@Mikoto @fedilab @switchingsocial

@booteille @Mikoto @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

@booteille what you say have very direct implications, but if you want to walk that back or that was unintentional then I won't take issue with that.

Reason I reply is that unanswered statements that are not met against, fuels that way of thinking with a higher percent.

And I'd expect a official statement, switching.social has done that before. I'd agree if they could be more clear about that so people know what to expect out of this.


@booteille @Mikoto @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

Clear about that there will be a official statement. That would defuse things a lot I believe.

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