Hey @switchingsocial,
Why removing Fedilab from switching.social/?

It was previously listed as an app in the Mastodon page, also for Peertube and Friendica.

@fedilab @switchingsocial Hey, fedilab, would it be possible to publish the DMs once you are done with the discussion?

@Mikoto @switchingsocial
No, otherwise I would not have accepted to discuss it privately :)

I understand this decision to don't share your DM's.
Still, I don't like this lack of transparency for something which is promoting Open source like switching social. That's a little bit disturbing.
@Mikoto @switchingsocial

@booteille @fedilab @Mikoto @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

In no way disturbing to have private conversations instead of breaking out in social media drama.

That is what is called being professional @booteille

@christoffer @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial If being professional means being against transparency then I don't want to be professional.

@Mikoto @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

Do you believe that induviduals, organizations, representatives and governments should be transparent with all information even though it can compromise an induvidual? @Mikoto 🤔

@christoffer @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial For the love of god. Please do not delete+repost posts for minor changes. This is annoying af. Now my post is in the middle of nowhere. https://fedi.absturztau.be/notice/9lp1VlgOCAzhvWKg3U
@christoffer @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial In addition, there is no reason why things like debates should ever not be done in public.

@Mikoto @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at


yeah, litterally no reasons in the entire world


@Mikoto @christoffer @booteille @fedilab @switchingsocial
The ride never ends. God forbid anyone ever get exposed to different perspectives.
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