Nå, etter at eg fikk skaparen av Mastodon til å gjere det så er nynorsk nå valbart som språk for mastodon!


Eg har allereie oversatt ein del, men vi treng mykje meir oversetting om vi ska klareå få gjort meir prosent enn bokmålen!


@joacim @tc Booktongue stems from when Denmark ruled Norway and influenced people in the city to write in danish.

Nynorsk is the written word made by Ivar Aasen in the 1800s trying to collect dialects and make a new written language out of them, and therefore being closer to how people speak but also preserving the Norwegian language.

Less than 20% use Nynorsk nowdays but it's the superior one by far in my opinion.

@christoffer @tc I lived in Bergen for a year and went to school there. I learned to hate nynorska with a passion. Bokmål is a very beautiful language.

@joacim @christoffer
Bergen dialect is not representative for nynorsk. They have all that rain and the "skarre-R".

@tc @christoffer I don't think Bergen is representative of Norway. They really don't like swedes there. :)

@joacim @tc

People in Bergen more than not probably don't write nynorsk or know how to, as well as nynorsk comes from all the dialects of Norway, just with a prevalence of things from that county. Nynorsk is more prevalent out in the country than in urban areas.

And you probably like it because you are swedish

One huge thing about nynorsk is that it's closer how how people speak and flows much better.

@christoffer @tc Bokmål sounds a lot more like Swedish.. or when you norwegians are nice and speak Sworsk to us. :)

@joacim @tc

yeah, that's what I think is the deal. heheh

I never was good at nynorsk tho, I read nynorsk books and stuff, but I only learned it a littlebit in school in a horrid way and is super bad at it.

My middleschool teacher said that when we tried to write nynorsk we were coming up with fake swedish wors instead hahah

but recently I've found that it's a much cooler tongue, and made the effort to get better at it.

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