lemmy.ml/c/china is a group platformed by @LemmyDev 's flagship instance that seems to be a community of tankies that don't acknowledge genocides of the past as well as the cultural genocide of the Uighurs.

One of the creators of Lemmy @nutomic is from what I can tell a communist who's a major player of this group.

Maybe not surprising to some, but probably something people like to know before engaging in the lemmy project and community.

@christoffer Thanks for the warning, that sounds very scary 😱

@felix lol

I mean, it's good to know. Some might not be fully comfortable with that.

@christoffer @LemmyDev @nutomic

No Muslim-majority country thinks China is committing a genocide. The only countries who think that, are the ones who have bombed Muslims for decades.

Possibly true, but when referring to statistics please post a link, to the source. A picture of a world map proves nothing.
Also, the fact that pro-US countries are biased towards Asia doesn't mean that the news about Xinjiang are wrong. It's actually possible that *both* sides are evil, you know? I'm afraid that's the world we live in 🙄
@christoffer @LemmyDev @nutomic

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