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What does the FSF do these days? Like actually, what tangible difference are they making for the free software community in 2021?

A small #trek to #kondana_caves with my friend sameer and we saw this beautiful river bed while returning. I tried to capture it with #gouachepainting. The noise of the flowing river and the noise of some cattle rustling the dry grass really detoxified my brain from all the chaos.

Dette bilde ble ikke ille.

Kamera: Sony RX100 VII

Programvare: Rawtherapee & Luminance HDR (bare open source)

Kulturell fri lisens: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

Is there a Bandcamp but for novels?

I see lots of indie game devs, musicians, zine-makers who seem to be making some kind of living through direct release to fans, but for novelists the best I've seen is Amazon publishing which seems to be a bad deal

I cannot quit Facebook because I belong to too many suburban housewife groups where we all freak out whenever a helicopter is overhead

Created my own Necromorph. It is like an alien zombie from the game Dead space that infects humans and turns them into monstrious beings, undoubtedly inspired by the movie The Thing.

Playing the first game in elementary school was a huge and exciting experience and will stay with me my whole life. Would be super cool to make a rogue-like opensource dead space game.

#mastoart #art #digitalart #deadspace #fanart #pixelfed #mastodon #fediverse #krita #libreart

Dagens anbefaling: Jeg har byttet ut Evernote med Obsidian. Grunner: enkle txt-filer på lokalt filsystem (kan synkes), formattering i markdown, wiki-aktig, masse plugins i et vibrant miljø.

FOSSbros being shitty 

I am not a programmer. Despite that, I tried to contribute to an open source project. Big fucking mistake.

Despite making it clear multiple times that this is not My Thing™️, the dude reviewing my PR kept just, skirting around just calling me a fucking idiot. Started saying shit like "stop and learn what a force push is" and "at this point might as well revert everything" and posting screenshots of my commits 🙃

Ended up closing the PR and deleting the branch, as well as crying for a little bit afterwards. Fucking hell why did I ever think this was a good idea

Friendly reminder: We don't sell your data, so we need your donations and contributions. for an overview of what you can do and how to donate.

Snart skal eg gjera noko bra for ei datamaskin. Kjenner at eg gler meg litt til å bruke netinstall att. Det er lenge sidan sist.

The #Fairphone 4 is our most #sustainable smartphone yet and comes with #5G speed, a 5-year warranty and is electronic waste neutral. That means, for every phone we sell, we reuse and recycle an equal amount of electronic waste. 💚
Check it out 👉 :

Då har vi esperanto flagg på snabelen! 😁😁 :esperanto: :esperanto: :esperanto: :esperanto: :esperanto: :esperanto:

Om du lurar på kva Esperanto og kva eit hjelpespråk er så kan du lese om det her

Eg har funnet eit prosjekt som føderert forum som kan bli eit alternativ til Lemmy

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Det er veldig ungt og eg er ikkje så kjent med det. Men det virkar aktivt og er noko å følgja med på.

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