Gang i Bergen - Sian ‘sekten’ skal brese seg med litt brenning av Koranen i dag - rimelig mye politi i hele byen. Ser ut til de har litt overvåkning med drone også.

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"The global average temperature will rise 2.7 degrees Celsius by century’s end even if all countries meet their promised emissions cuts"

And we're of course far from reaching even these highly insufficient targets. How long will we let this madness go on?


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Der våre søsterpartier på Island, Tsjekkia og Luxemburg har lykke med å komme til parlamentet har vi feilet.

Folket har talt, og vi nådde ikke opp.
I et år hvor vi doblet medlemstallet falt valgresultatet som en stein, og ikke bare fikk vi ikke , men drømmen har aldri sett ut til å være så langt unna.

Vi takknemlighet til de som har støtter oss.

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Have you decided it's time to cut Facebook out of your life for good? "Deactivating" your account won't stop FB from profiling you so instead, @MrCippy explains how to *permanently delete* your account:

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Skyblivion er eit godt utgongspunkt for korleis libre/opensource spel prosjekter burde organisere seg!

Veldig imponerende.

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Seems like a thousand years ago - however, back in the days I hosted and was the admin for two fediverse sites in Norway. and Approx 4000 users. It was hard work and had many ethical challenges. It was decentralised, but also "centralised" as you as a admin is responsible for all the users messages - private or not. It was during these days Eugene started crafting Mastodon and used leanings from GNU Social implementation of ActivityPub.

Started using protonmail today. Moving away from Google and Apple. Now I’m systematically changing e-Mail adresses in typically services I use to the new address. It’s a long journey. (I’m not a extreme - but do the steps I can master at the moment.) I learned today that Apple’s ICloud e-Mail is not encrypted at rest!

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.@GeoffreyFowler investigates how FB tracks users, including in apps: "it was as if Facebook had hired a private eye to prepare a dossier about my life".

One of many reasons we're excited to soon launch App Tracking Protection for Android into beta.

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If you like #oss or want to see it succeed, your support makes a difference!

To contribute to @pixelfed head over to this open collective:

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«It is unpleasant knowing that others, that you don’t know, are able to track you via Bluetooth. It never crossed my mind.», an individual the NRK has identified through their headphones.

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Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

Introducing /e/ to FairTEC.

Tech Giants have built their business models around data collection, logging and tracking our every move from our very own pocket. Is it possible to use our smartphones daily without giving away our privacy? 

/e/ believes it should be. 

Discover more:

/e/ is a proud @FairTEC member. Find their offering at


Great :) - "The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has fined WhatsApp Ireland €225m for infringements of data protection rules."

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