Bund.de is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at social.bund.de which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ social.bund.de/explore (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

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@FediFollows the Mastodon instance is actually run by one of the German data protection authorities (we have 18, don't ask) which itself has an account at @bfdi

@hopland @FediFollows @bfdi No, it's more a historical/legal reason. Germany is a federal state and the data protection supervision is a matter of state law. That's why we have 17 DPAs (one for every federal state, except for Bavaria which has two) and one on the federal level.

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