Not sure if I should blame my father for being a romantic, or whether it's genetic.

But why must I desire women, love, someone to touch, have fun and be naughty with? I'm 29yo, never had a real girlfriend, and don't know if I ever will because I can't relate to ppl.

So... I'd just like for the universe to know, if it's listening, that evolution by sexual reproduction was a stupid idea. It should've done intelligent design instead. Maybe then, lonely ppl would need nobody.

Now, it just hurts.

Better late than never, I finished up a blog post I wrote when starting the GUI solution in my game engine project. It includes my thoughts and how I approached the initial architecture design. It contains diagrams!!!

A few weeks back I made some solid progress on my game engine project for tablets. More or less everything is written from scratch in C++, including the GUI and Vulkan rendering. Below is a showcase video I made. The repo can be found at

Got started on writing a portfolio for future job searching, it's all very WIP still, but here it is

Ein norsk heimstad for den desentraliserte mikroblogge-plattformen Mastodon.