After only seven years, it appears my trusty Fairphone 2 has snuffed it. The red light glows, but it does not charge, and refuse to wake up. :(


@harald happened to me as well last year! It might have been fixable with a new battery, but I wasn't able to test first. The microphone was broken as well... :/

@reynir I have two batteries, and same result with both. Have also checked several different chargers and cables. Might be possible to repair, but at the moment I don't have time to wait for that (and the parts I need may not be available anymore.)
@Vegard (Hårfagre) Fjeldberg eo Might be, but as the led is glowing, I think it's probably a bit deeper in the system. Main module or motherboard. But I have access to another Fairphone and will test if swapping any parts makes a difference.
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