I really liked the game , but it did have some flaws. If games were released under an open license these kinds of issusewould be more managable I think. I wonder how it would be if the majority of games were open? Probably there would be a lot of user content and glitches could be fixed.

@anderscs Game development for a major title seems to be a project with quite some risk and budget. Just publishing the engine, story and art work as Free Software would not be enough to make this a success. It would need customers that would be willing to pay for the game, even if they do not have to. There are not a lot of examples for this working economically. And to even to fix small flaws maybe requiring a large development and production setup and expertise.

@ber I think a freely licensed game would be able to scale the community to a much greater extent than a proprietary one. And a lot of free games show it is possible to monetize on trademark alone. You could also charge for "buying" the game on platforms like Steam without harming the community.

@anderscs Any #FreeSoftware game that you have in mind. Ryzom and Shattered Pixel Dungeon come into my mind. What else is there?

@ber @anderscs

Following the development of @GodotEngineBot there might be some cool freesoftware games soon!

@christoffer @anderscs @GodotEngineBot
There are lots of nice #FreeSoftwareGames and #GodotEngine is a nice game engine. (Did you know that Cow's Revenge f-droid.org/en/packages/org.pi was apparently made with Godot?) What I am interested in, to find out more about how viable major games as #FreeSoftware are, would be examples were the game developers at least make a part time living from working on the game. This is a precondition I believe to ever get a major title financed some time in the future.

@ber Those are nice. SuperTuxKart is nice. I don't know how much money they have made though.

@anderscs According to their supertuxkart.net/Donation_Poli they are not funding people so far, but trying to get their basic hosting and sometimes hardware costs covered.

@ber @anderscs I think this could be possible if we moved to a tipping culture. We should make it a norm that if you like a game, you should tip the creator.

@vega @anderscs Yes, and it should be easier doing to. This has been slow in coming over the years. I even prefer to call this "to pay volunteeringly" because it is an obligation to chose my own price, once I understand how much more I am getting if I am the "customer". Hold true for many #FreeSoftware products, but for #FreeSoftwareGames it has not been so forthcoming, I think because they need more story which is less likely to be assembled and improved in small steps (aka patches). @fsfe

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