day 25 of
went back to my ansible playbook for setting up my computers. and added support for Rocky Linux, as i intend to swap to that on my servers.
tested in virtualbox and looks good. next up us installing Rocky on physical machine!

day 23/24 of
spent day 23 on recapping basic kubernetes and ansible. because day 24 i had a job intervju as kubernetes administrator!
so my focus was all in on this :)

Day 21/22 of
Made great improvements in my ansible playbook for my kubernetes cluster. And tweaked my playbook for setting up my computers. And tested my twitterbot. all bugs gone?

Day 20 of
Slow day as my energy was low. But did more with the ansible k8s module .
And are making good progress in making playbook for my entire cluster :D

Day 18/19 of
started learning the k8s ansible module. and are now making ansible playbooks for my entire cluster :D
it will be so sweet to have ansible on it all!

Day 17 of
Today i set up Prometheus and grafana for monitoring my kubernetes cluster.
and also expanded my ansible playbooks for setting up my computers :)

Day 16 of
slowest day of coding so far, but i squashed the last (i hope) bugs of my twitter bot. and expanded my ansible playbook for setting up computers.
this weekend i will play some more with kubernetes! Got to fix/upgrade some in my cluster

Day 14/15 of
hopped distro to Pop!_OS and used my ansible playbooks to set it up! SOOOO easy. also had to make some bash scripts to do some tasks for me. backup to network drive etc.
also my python twitter bot needed some attention, as i found another bug!

Day 13 of (I know, a day behind on tweets again)
got my ansible-playbokks to a level of satisfaction, so today i might test it on an actual distro hop
Pop!_OS 22.04 :D

day 11 & 12 of
Have yet again been doing ansible playbooks for setting up computers, and testet against Pop!_OS in VM.
It is now maybe too easy to distro hop :D All tweets are sent with the tweet from bash script i wrote :)

Day 10 of
I have also today worked on my ansible playbook for setting up computers, but have also done some shell scripting for automating backups of important files :)
And started making playbooks for my k3s cluster

I can feel the hype buidling up for the @turingpi especially after i saw the specs of the RK1 module!

day 9 of
i forgot to tweet yesterday, again :( but i continued to develop my ansible-playbook for setting up computers,
And i also spun up an apache server in mycluster for testing purposes

Hvordan pensjonerer eg ein laptop som egentlig virker OK? Installerer Ubuntu server og smeller den inn i kubernetes clusteret såklart!

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Løysinga her ble rett og slett byte av passord frem til laptoppen ble "pensjonert"

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Mimrer tilbake til da eg var utestengd frå laptoppen min i ei veke, trudde eg hadde gløymt passordet... Viste seg at tastaturet hadde ein død tast 😂

day 8 of
a slow day as i have been a bit sick. but i fixed the bug i found in my twitter bot.
and started making ansible playbook for setting up personal computers. Inspired by @JayTheLinuxGuy

Josimar fotballblad fortsetter å imponere med solid journalistikk mange aviser kan misunne dem.

Elsker at folk går fra å vinne olympiske medaljer til å streame dataspel

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