@nicksellen Hi! I'm the owner of a Norwegian non profit equipment sharing site, and I'm looking for inspiration for how it could be more open / federated / free. @karrot is very interesting (so is @inventaire). Do you know of any similar projects?

@haldorsen @karrot if it's not already, making the platform open source is a nice step, but then also bringing users into the ownership, control, and design of the platform too. and supporting others to run their own instances. I'm assuming it's your own custom platform here...

sharetribe used to be open source but that seemed to then come into conflict with their economic model.

that's a key point to me, keeping the economic model compatible with openness and freedom.

@nicksellen Thank you so much for some good advices. Yes, it's my own custom platform. But if I find some OSS with similar functionality, I'll consider using that instead.

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