Er intervjua i Kode24 om at vi i IT-bransjen bør holde oss unna den rare blandingen av svindel og liberalisme web3/kryptoverdenen har endt opp som.

Been testing out a few small games on Steam that I have. It's Steam as a Flatpak running on Fedora Silverblue (f36). That's right: *containerise all the things*. Boot a system image, create sandboxes and containers over said systems and BAM: you got an environemtal squid, with tentacles that are each secured and seprated. Neat! ostree + toolbox + flatpaks ftw.

*ID* –> “Alligator”
Seems more friendly than Gali the Alligator  ;)
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Happy week Mastodon !

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Had a shot from my film on my phone so I thought I'd share it with yall! :ablobsmile:

Pai's taking a nice relaxing ride in the sky! I wonder where she's going?

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Gnome users trying KDE: help there are too many buttons

KDE users trying Gnome: help this software does not have a single button

«#Google bans apps with hidden data-harvesting #software»

TL;DR: Researchers caught a data broker tied to US national #security harvesting extensive personal information including precise location via #weather apps, QR readers, speed-trap detectors and #Muslim prayer apps installed on >60m #Android smartphones.

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told a friend I recommend long baths as a coping mechanism to unwind if you can and then saddened myself by realizing I already took a bath today and probably cannot justify another

We are our own helpdesks, our own expos, our own support teams. If we aren't welcoming and inclusive, how the hell will adoption grow? If you advocate FLOSS because it makes you feel superior: You're doing it wrong.

Rant over.

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I want to help people who are just regular users with issues, or send specially interested people down rabbit holes, but more often than not I come into the chat while on the can, scroll up, only to see a handful of dismissals. This pisses me off. We can't get people out of their walled gardens by trying to surplant it with an aristocratic ballroom. People gushing over new tech and discussing tickets is not the entirety of open source communities.

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...I've stopped talking in Matrix rooms in general because of this. I've tried to help people, but I get severely demotivated once one of these elitists start typing their dismissals - which sometimes is directed towards me. At that point I remind them what they are actually doing and they become silent all of a sudden. I only have so much time in the day and spending even a fraction of that on those kinds of messages is a waste of my time.

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To me the adoption of FLOSS software is contingent upon new users, but we won't be getting new users when those that are interested in learning are callously dismissed. On several Matrix rooms I've had to snap back at people that are being dismissive regarding how their attitude is not only unhelpful, but also corrosive to the adoption of FLOSS systems in general. Open source projects need better guidelines for helping people, and even better infrastructure (like bots) to easily direct people...

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Let's talk about toxicity in the online communities. I'm not talking about the organisations, the expos or anything like that, because those places are usually welcoming. However, in online communities like, various forums and so forth there is this dismissive, condescending attitude, whereby curiosity and opportunities to learn get brushed away with apathy and disinterest to help people hidden behind a veneer of elitist attitude.

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