🇬🇧Europol attacks secure #encryption, lamenting that criminal investigations "contain an element of chance". politico.eu/article/the-last-r
Ridiculous, what's new about this? The crime clearance rate has always been in the order of 50%.

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The EU wants a „digital constitution“ for the digital mega-platforms, the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA. Here you can see which steps the legislative process will go through and who is involved.

Read on: patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/dsa

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🇬🇧 #TikTok violates fundamental principles of the General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR. And the Irish data protection authority will once again not act.

My comment in the LIBE Committee last week:

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Vanskeleg å hurtiglade elbil. nrk.no/norge/krever-at-det-ma-

Det er heilt villt. Viss du ikkje har Android/iPhone så går det ofte ikkje an å lade. Tenk om det var sånn i andre bransjar 🙄

"Jeg har ingen ting skjule" er ikke et godt nok argument. Det er på tide at Personvern blir tatt mer på alvor, og det er noe vår nåværende regjering ikke kommer til å gjøre.


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Snap lockdowns show just how important it is to have a flexible and pragmatic welfare system that's 100% focused on supporting people.

Let's put Robodebt, JSP rorts, poverty traps and more into the dustbin of history!


🇬🇧 Today, the Home Affairs Committee will vote on my far-reaching draft report on the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA. But why do we need such a law at all and what do we want to achieve?

More info: patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/dsa

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🚨🇬🇧 Majority of the European Parliament allows e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol). We will take legal action.


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🇬🇧#Chatcontrol: That's how "objective" the European Parliament's voting system is. The ePrivacy derogation on #chatcontrol simply becomes a vote on "combating child sexual abuse online".

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‼️ Last chance to act: the final vote on #chatcontrol is scheduled for Tuesday, 6 July! Contact your MEPs now about the proposed abolition of the #secrecyofcorrespondence‼️ Here is a tool you can use:

Bestilte 2 nye T-skjorter til valgkampanjen 😄

Pirate Love <3 <3 <3
Pirate Life <3 <3 <3

I am really happy to support the @reclaimyourface European Citizens' Initiative. It is a Europe-wide petition calling for a ban on biometric mass surveillance and I encourage all European citizens to sign it. Fundamental rights must not become a thing of the past!

The Commission's guidelines for the implementation of the controversial #article17 of the #copyright directive put the rightholders in the position of Internet censors. Flowchart by Communia. Press release: european-pirateparty.eu/articl

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