I am very critical of Facebook, Twitter etc. myself. It is good that we are having both Facebook and Mastodon at our event.
As to our own communications, at the very least we should give the public the choice to access information via open platforms. The EU Pirates are themselves using systems such as Nextcloud and Matrix. Our programme covers Free Software and making commercial platforms interoperable: wiki.ppeu.net/doku.php?id=prog
I see it as our job in the European Parliament to set an example.

Da ska eg ha presentasjon for MDG i Lillehammer om desentraliserte sosiale medier etter Januar.

Er fleire slike ting som kjem fremover men dei er ikkje bekrefta.

Så det eg lure på e om det e nokon fleire som sku haft meg på besøk og prata?

Wow, just had the Pirates/Greens pick through my EU parliament presentation slides with a fine tooth comb in a phone call and try to get me to change what I’m saying so as not to criticise Facebook, etc. WTF?

Never had anyone try to censor what I say before. Of course I will speak my mind verbatim tomorrow and if anything this means I won’t be accepting any future speaking engagements at the EU parliament for these parties.



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Gjerne anbefal norskt innhald fra Fediverset!

Vill gjerne fremme Norske brukare og "content" som det heite på godt norsk ;)

in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

As technologists, we should talk in terms of concepts instead of products to discourage monopolies.

Don't say "just Google it", say "do a web search".
Don't say "I sent you the Excel sheet", say "I sent you the spreadsheet"

If people who don't know that there are search engines besides Google or that there are office applications besides Microsoft Office, they might ask what a search engine is or what a spreadsheet is. We should take this as an opportunity to educate people about alternatives.

Det er ein ny norsk instanse for Oslo med namnet oslo.town/ !!!

Eit godt alternativ til snabelen! 😁

Bra med fleire norske instanser

#peertube 2.0 is out!

There is no reason to continue using Youtube.

I wish people recording opensource conferences videos could avoid uploading to Youtube...

Dette takker du ja til når du trykker OK på nett

Hver gang du åpner en nettside må du godta å gi fra deg informasjon. Men vet du hva du aksepterer?


Commercial/proprietary operations and free and open source communities can help each other out.

Tesla gets a great map from the #OpenStreetMap community, but it's not perfect. So the Tesla owners has an incentive to go and make #OSM better. Some might just fix their street, others might really enjoy it and become an important part of the community. No matter what: Everyone wins.


Here's a privacy tip for new Tooters.

You can choose between FOUR different privacy settings for every individual toot u post here!! Just how cool is that!? 🤩🤘

While drafting a toot, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the globe icon in the 'compose toot' window

2. Select any of these privacy settings for the toot you are composing:
🔸Public but unlisted
🔸Private n visible to ur followers only
🔸Direct (similar to Twitter DMs!)

Boost & spread word!! 💗


Thug level of @Mastodon : 9000
Getting free promotion on Twitter 😂

Yes! Twitter should worry.
@Mastodon is going to climb to Top in no time soon!

Heitar det fediverset eller meir riktig med fødiverset på ? Er det "tut" som er den riktige oversettinga av "toot" eller burde det vore noko anna?
Ein elefant (mastodon) tutar vel med snabelen?


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Ein norsk instanse for den desentraliserte sosiale media platformen Mastodon.