HAHAHA, jeg ELSKER dialogen på returntomonkeyisland.com der Stan sitter i fengsel på grunn av "marketing related crimes" for å ha solgt noe "of apparent value", og på spørsmål om hva han har solgt, sier han "Nothing! Nothing FUNGIBLE, anyway!" og jeg gapskratta out loud.

"DDoS Amplification Attack": Si til norske mediehus at du skal utføre DDoS mot gitte norske nettsider, slik at leserne sjekker om disse nettsidene er tilgjengelige eller ikke, og dermed DDoSer de...

Had to take the bus into town today, and wore a kilt. Some Delores decided to take issue; which sadly I'm used to. "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" and so on. As I said, used to it (and big scary white dude, so I have some privilege to wield), so I'm calmly addressing it with her

But then she said "well how am I supposed to explain that to my kid?!", and friends, I didn't have to say a thing, because the most awesome Black lady jumped in. She turned to her kid (I'd guess roughly 13 years old) and said "hey, why is he allowed to wear a skirt?"

Kid: "he's grown enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants"

Mom: "see?! Ain't hard ma'am"

Delores huffed but that was pretty much the end 🤣

@rsolva posta ein kunngjering :D

Her er bilete for den som er på app kvar man ikkje kan sjå kunngjeringar. :)

God avgjørelse av NRK. Kommentarfeltene på Facebook har skadet samfunnsdebatten i mange år nå, og alle seriøse medier bør ta ansvar på denne måten. m24.no/espen-olsen-langfeldt-f

So the dev of FairEmail (best mail app on android) decided to quit and stop developing all his android based software. One of the reasons is google being twat and removing his app from play store for no reason and second haters. As much as I dont give a fuck about playstore users (just use Fdroid), I don’t understand people hating. Is it really so hard to understand that you are making it hard to yourself by removing your possible choices? Do you really get kicks out of it? You get paid for it? You don’t understand that someone is doing work for you for free in spare time? Think about it. Noone forces you to use software so if you dont like it don’t use it. Noone wants to read your fucked up opinion about shit specially when there is nothing constructive you have to say about it. So haters, fuck off! Go do something productive. Here, now thanks to you we have one less mail client to choose from so perhaps you pull your shit together and create the ultimate best and coolest client there is since you apparently know best how to make one.

All the love to Marcel and his girlfriend. Hope he comes back.

Hello once again to musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Music has been written! Forms has been filled out! And deadlines have been reached!

A grand total of 36 songs participate in this #FediVision2022.

They can all be found in a playlist on the website, so you can go listen to them right now!

Voting starts tomorrow, thursday at 15:00 CEST (3PM CEST, 1PM UTC).
Further info on how voting works will be shared tomorrow.

Stay tuned and let the listening begin!

Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals

Gajim 1.4.0 has been released 🚀

After more than a year of development, it’s finally time to announce the release of Gajim 1.4.0! 🎉

Gajim 1.4 series comes with a completely redesigned message window and conversation management. Workspaces allow you to organize your chats to keep matters separate where needed. These changes were only possible by touching a lot of Gajim’s code base, and we appreciate all the feedback we got from you.

#chat #xmpp #foss


What's the difference between USA and USB?

One wants to connect to all your devices and the other is a wiring protocol.

Kom over denne Matrix-tenaren i dag: agdersam.no/
Regional, open heimetenar for Agder fylke, for dei som er lysten på den slags.


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