lmao the FAA changed the legal definition of "astronaut" specifically to exclude jeff bezos and the other guy

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Today Earth launched a giant dick into space, aboard a rocket.

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So? Thoughts? I am still thinking that Matrix is a very good alternative to all messengers out there. Has it all. Sure, the criticism is valid that they rely so much on matrix.org....but so does mastodon on a few instances and the rest of the fediverse. Is it resource hungry? sure...but so are many other federated platforms...

Am probably going to make our Matrix instance public and who knows maybe we will move our chats there....I see so many open source projects using Matrix...it is a way to also connect with them. Germany’s national healthcare system adopts Matrix! | Matrix.org

- Microsoft blir hacka.
- Søreide: "Det er et alvorlig angrep som rammet vår viktigste demokratiske institusjon"

Føler at ting ikkje er som dei burde 🤔

Facebook acquired a company called Crowdtangle in 2016; it makes a social media analytics tool that the press has used to monitor subject-matter trends on Facebook, especially in the runup to the 2020 elections.

Facebook just gutted Crowtangle.


Crowdtangle had operated as a semiautonomous unit within Facebook, primarily used by media companies to track the social media performance of their stories.


Det er no eit par veker sidan eg sa opp Facebook-kontoen min, utan å ta med noko som helst derifrå. Det har gått heilt fint. God !

Podcastkulturen forsøkes overtatt av de store selskapene (Apple, Spotify, Schibsted) som selvfølgelig ønsker å fange innholdet bak sentraliserte betalingsmurer. Tilbys ikke lydfilene via en fritt tilgjengelig RSS-fil er det ikke lenger en podcast i mine øyne.

Heldigvis er podcastfeltet i ferd med å mutere til (altså versjon 2.0), med apper som blir en del av fødiverset og som er enkle å bruke. nrk.no/kultur/snart-ma-du-beta

#Github #Copilot gives an idea why #Microsoft paid so much for Github. They were after data: Tons of food for their AI, millions of contributors that now 'work' for MS for free.
You publish your code under GPLv3, even AGPLv3? So what? The AI learns from your code and uses it to generate code that is possibly proprietary. Does #GPL forbid this practice? (I don't think so)

That's the M$ way to break copyright law.

It's time for alternatives like @codeberg .

Hey guys,

here is the (unofficial) information that the #blabber #xmpp server will be shut down soon.
It is anounced on blabber.im/

- a relocation of the server is impossible.
- Please migrate all your accounts and contacts to other servers.
You can find a list of servers e.g. here: freie-messenger.de/sys_xmpp/se

Important: The app blabber.im (formerly Pix-Art) is not affected!

Please share, because it seems there was/will be no server message!


The Norwegian consumer council has published a new report where they suggest a ban on the surveillance based revenue model dominating the web today.

#surveillance-capitalism #advertising #human-rights

@Apolyon_LMR If DDG is listening, I would appreciate a search directive that makes it filter out cloudflare sites.

Cloudflare results are useless to me anyway, because they look like this...


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Eit norskt podium for den desentraliserte sosiale media plattformen Mastodon.