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selling a car and got it professionally cleaned and now it smells like someone's idea of what a clean car should smell like so that it doesn't smell fake. resulting in a smell that is highly contrived. and not really kinda ... CLEAN. more. ... wonderbaum...?

the depressing part of trying on trousers marked with "short legs"

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I’m starting to think some of you know about computers unironically
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have used google translate for various polish words and phrases, so now my google SEARCH results give me polish hits!?

"she doesn't understand this language so let's give her lots of information she can't parse"

perhaps google wants to motivate me to learn polish.

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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

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Okay. Let's try to start something.

I have a small supply of #planB, which I am willing to overnight to anyone who needs it.

If you have a supply of #planB that you are willing to send to people who need it, please post to the hashtag #planB. If you see someone posting under this hashtag, please boost their post for visibility.

If you think you need #planB, monitor this hashtag and DM someone who says they have it.

Take it to DMs to get it sorted out.

When it's taken care of, delete your #planB posts.

We have to take care of each other. #mutualAid

If you ever participated in #iCanHazPDF, you know how this works already.

i should clarify.

i made some stuff today, with my hands.

good day.

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benteh fremhevde

Er så skuffa over russen. Fikk vite at det skulle være russefest på nabogarden, og gledet meg til litt dunkdunk, skrik og skrål. Det var så vidt de spilte litt musikk i åttetida, så var det stille lenge, før de dro på litt igjen. Ingen skrik og skrål. Og nå har det vært stille i godt over en time.

Ungdommen nå til dags 😤

i don't think i'm exaggerating in saying moose burgers are THE BEST

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